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FrenchPicnic Collage

You’re gettin’ married and you want a FABULOUS wedding to celebrate your love. You have a gazillion things to decide on and and have been pinning like there’s no tomorrow. You might be feeling overwhelmed with how to tie all those super fantastic ideas together. That’s where we come in!

It really boils down to editing your ideas and placing your personal stamp on your event so that it is completely YOU. This is the part that is sometimes the hardest. Like how in the world do you decide which ideas to use and which you don’t? What will be the most cost effective? And which do-it-yourself projects are feasible (have you seen that site about Pinterest project fails?)! You don’t want that to happen on your special day… NO FLIPPING WAY!

Our favorite-ist thing to do in the world is spinning your ideas into FABULOUSNESS with gorgeous flowers and amazing design elements…and to get going with that is super easy. Just click HERE and send us a shout out! But… if you’re just noodling around, I’ve got some FAB pics in our gallery that will get your creative juices flowing for designing your FABULOUS affair!


Contact us for your very own dose of FABULOUSNESS for your event! Afterall, we believe that if there is glitter in your hair, you had a productive day!