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After the Wedding

Do you preserve the bridal bouquet?

We do not offer preservation service at this time.

What do we do with the rental items after our event?

All rental items must be returned to Fabulously Designed or directly to your designer by the Tuesday following your event. Boxes for transporting rental items are provided by your designer.

Consultations + Design Meetings

Are there any bad dates for wedding flowers?

Note that flower prices are higher around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. If you have a choice, we recommend avoiding these holidays and the days surrounding them for your wedding!

How do I schedule my initial consultation and what is the cost?

Please send us an email at itsfab@fabulouslydesigned.com to schedule your initial consultation. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, with limited evening appointments available. Note that we do not to book appointments on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays, since we are usually busy working with events. We prefer to pre-book initial consultations so that we aren’t rushed and can devote our time and attention to you. Your first consultation is complimentary.

How long will my consultation last?

A typical initial consultation takes about an hour and a half.

I have a favorite flower and I want to know if this specific flower is available for my wedding date.

Definitely let us know if you have a favorite flower so that availability as well as alternatives can be explored.

I would like to come in and take a look through some portfolios of your work. Can I just drop by?

We only meet by appointment in order to provide adequate time to address your questions, it is best that you call in advance and schedule an appointment in order to ensure we are available and can devote our time and attention to you.

Since you book up so fast, should I book the wedding date on your calendar before my consultation?

Our policy is that we will only schedule you on our calendar after receiving a signed contract and the initial retainer (which is applied to the price of your flowers.) We limit the number of weddings we do on any given weekend. Some dates do get filled up quickly. We recommend that you email us at itsfab@fabulouslydesigned.com to see if your date is available.

What do I need to have prior to the initial consultation and what can I expect to get accomplished during that meeting?

The initial consultation can be purely informational but will be most productive if you bring some information and ideas to the table. You are welcome to email any inspiration photos to us to help inspire us. Heck, you can even share the link to your wedding Pinterest board with us, if you’d like. In addition, you will be asked for the:

  1. Number of participants in the wedding party,
  2. A list of bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres recipients is helpful,
  3. Wedding colors,
  4. Examples of floral designs you prefer,
  5. Details of wedding location and time, and
  6. Number of guests you are expecting

You will leave the meeting with a better feeling for the scope of the flowers for your wedding and a realistic understanding on what it’s like to work with us.

What flowers do I need for my wedding?

Start with your bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, and bouquets and boutonnieres for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. That’s the easy part! People tend to forget about corsages and boutonnieres for parents, grandparents, godparents, ushers, readers, attendants, ring bearers, flower girls, and any other important participants in your wedding. Then consider if you want arrangements going down your aisle, outside your ceremony or reception sites, centerpieces, a cake topper, head table arrangements, or any other floral accents. Your designer will help you make sure you don’t miss anything!

What if I don’t have a vision in mind?

Without even knowing it we all have a style we love. It’s just a matter of finding out what that is. We do this during a consultation by getting to know you and discussing different ideas and pictures until those favored elements begin to stand out. We know not everyone is a flower enthusiast. In fact, most brides really only know what colors they want, and can maybe name a few specific blooms they like. Prior to your initial floral consultation, we recommend looking through pictures of floral arrangements and choosing some that you like and determining your preferred color palette, but beyond that, we will work with you to take care of the rest!

What is Fabulously Designed’s policy for “Holding” the date, “Securing” the date and overall payment schedule?

Fabulously Designed will “hold” your wedding date for a period of up to seven (7) days in accordance with the terms below. Fabulously Designed will provide you with our “hold the date” confirmation until such time as your contract is signed.

Fabulously Designed will “secure” your wedding date on our calendar upon receipt of your initial non-refundable retainer along with your signed contract. This is both our assurance and yours that we are handling your wedding arrangements and will reserve the date and time for your event.

Because weddings are custom order and can include both floral and design services, in addition to your non-refundable retainer, Fabulously Designed requests that payment be made in one (1) or two (2) additional and separate installments.

(1) A signed contract and 20% deposit is due within seven (7) days of the date of the initial Fabulously Designed Floral and Event Design Proposal estimate to secure the wedding date.
(2) Installment #1: 30% of your total is due at the 1/2 way mark between the date of your signed contract and the final payment due date for weddings more than 60 days out from your contract date.
(3) Installment #2: The final balance remaining on your event order is due about thirty (30) days prior to your wedding date, in addition to any applicable outside rental fees and custom designed décor.

What is the timeframe I have to review the Floral and Event Design Proposal?

Due to influences affecting flower costs and other potential wedding opportunities, Fabulously Designed will guarantee your Floral and Event Design Proposal estimate for a period of seven (7) days from the date of the Floral and Event Design Proposal. We are available and happy to answer any questions you have via email at itsfab@fabulouslydesigned.com as you review the Floral and Event Design Proposal.

When is my final appointment?

Your final appointment will happen about four to five weeks before your wedding date. This appointment can either be by phone, via Skype, or in person. During this appointment all the final details will be discussed and decided on. We will narrow down your guest count and make final decisions on your favorite flowers, centerpiece needs, altar needs, boutonnieres & corsages and everything else that goes along with a fabulous wedding. If your budget or wish list needs to be reduced or increased, we will be able to make it all work during this appointment. Following this meeting you will receive an invoice for your final wedding flower payment.

When should I expect a Fabulously Designed Floral and Event Design Proposal?

Following your initial consultation, the Fabulously Designed Floral and Event Design Proposal will be prepared and sent to you via e-mail within 24-48 hours following the your consultation.


Do you have a delivery charge?

We have a delivery charge, depending on distance from our studio, how extensive the set-up is, and whether we need to return to pick up rental items. This is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have to leave your flowers at the church?

It is very common for the flowers to be left at the church, but you need to ask the church specifically involved what their policy is. Some churches require that you leave them and some require that you remove them after the ceremony.

Does Tami personally deliver the weddings? What if we would feel better with her there?

Tami does work almost every wedding though when we have multiple events on a given day, she can’t be at every wedding and event. She will most certainly personally guarantee to be there if that is what you would like and she is available. All our staff is personally trained by Tami for wedding deliveries and all have over a year of delivering under their belts before they do anything more complicated. We work consistently at a large number of venues and are familiar with all the quirks of delivery.

When do you deliver the flowers?

We usually deliver to the church or ceremony venue one hour before the wedding. This allows us to set up your ceremony flowersand decor and gives us the opportunity to pin on boutonnieres and corsages. We will deliver earlier if the flowers are needed for photos, but will still allot one hour of our time to the setup. You will be responsible for pinning on corsages and boutonnieres for guests who have not arrived during that time.

We will work with your wedding planner or reception venue to arrange a time for delivery of any reception flowers.

Where do you deliver?

We service both Southern California and Las Vegas. Contact us for more information. You also have the option of picking up your wedding flowers at our studio. But we could be plied with warm tropical breezes if called upon to design a destination wedding.

Who will set up the flowers on my wedding day?

Fabulously Designed has an experienced delivery and set up team who will ensure all the floral arrangements for your wedding are perfectly prepared for your arrival on your special day. We have a range of delivery and set-up options which we can discuss with you during a consultation.

Will a florist come to my ceremony to pin my corsages and boutonnières?

Fabulously Designed will gladly pin your corsages and boutonnières when your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets are delivered.

Pricing + Payments

Do you have a minimum to book a wedding?

We do have minimum order requirements, but beyond that, yes. We will do our best to stay within your floral budget, and advise you of your options in the event that your floral vision does not fit within your budget. They will work with you to determine the best course of action.

I have no idea what a reasonable budget is for wedding flowers. What do you suggest?

We have a wedding flower estimator spreadsheet on our website at XYZ. Most of our weddings fall in the middle Most Popular Flowers price range.

We are experts in taking your inspiration photos and transforming them into something fab that also fits your budget!

I want to save money on my wedding flowers. Do you sell flowers in bulk for the DIY bride?

No we do not. We are not wholesalers. Our expertise is in floral design only.

What can I do to keep within my budget?

Working with the flowers in season at the time of your wedding or event is the best way to keep costs under control. Be open to suggestions from your florist and if you have a budget in mind, discuss this early on in your consultation so we can offer advice within your price range.

When is final payment due?

We ask that all wedding flowers be paid in full on or before 30 days prior to the wedding date, as this is when we order the flowers needed.

Working With Us

Can I be assured that someone will listen to my ideas?

We work in concert with you! Not only will we work with your concepts and theme, but we will use our expertise and knowledge in the art of floral and event design to steer you in the right direction to ensure that your needs and goals are met in a way that complements your style and your venue beautifully.

Can I supply my own vases?

Because the cost of the vase is included in your price and because we are able to purchase vases at rock bottom wholesale costs, it is usually more costly to provide your own vases. Some vases aren’t tempered properly and have been known to break with filled with water and flowers and then transported for events. If you prefer to provide your own vase, we will need to see a sample of the vase and determine the measurements before providing you with an estimate. You will also need to provide us with extra vases in case of breakage and sign a release of liability form. We are not responsible for breakage or damage to vases you provide.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly and we can help answer your questions so that you may make an informed decision on which direction you want to go.

Can we see samples of different flowers?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is usually no. Designers are typically not permitted to bring customers into wholesalers’ locations, and the flowers you want for your wedding day may be unavailable or may not be in season when you have your consultation(s). There are many other resources such as online galleries or look books with images of different flowers and arrangements.

Do you design in silk flowers?

Fabulously Designed considers fresh flowers to be preferred to even the highest quality silk flowers. There is nothing like the smell, feel, and beauty of fresh flowers! Because of this, we do not design silk arrangements.

Do you offer wedding packages?

No. We have found that every wedding is unique. We offer our clients quality and value without a cookie cutter packages.

Do you rent vases?

Some of our reception arrangements are priced with the container as a rental.  These include our tall pedestal centerpieces and our cylinders with submerged flowers.  Most other arrangements are sold with the vase included, so that the centerpieces are yours for your guests to take home.

Have you worked at my venue before?

Fabulously Designed is proud to have worked at many of the wedding venues in the Greater Los Angeles area. But, if we have not worked at your venue before and you would like us to do a walk-through with you, we would be happy to do so for a minimal meeting fee.

How far in advance do I need to hold my date for a Fabulously Designed wedding?

We encourage your inquiries anytime. For the busiest times of year (May/June and September/October) the earlier you contact us the better. Once you have chosen a wedding date, venue and a color scheme for your wedding, you should consider floral options. Fabulously Designed books weddings as much as 18 months before the date, and since we limit the number of weddings we service per weekend, you will want to book your florist as soon as possible. Most brides book Fabulously Designed’s services 9 to 12 months before their wedding date.

How many weddings do you book per year?

At capacity we service no more than 1-2 weddings per weekend, depending on the scope of the wedding design. On average this comes to approximately 80-100 weddings per year. We generally book up fairly quickly.

I live out of town/away at college/currently under deep cover in the jungle. Can I send you a retainer to hold my wedding date on your calendar and then meet with you closer to the big day to go over the details?

Absolutely! We require a retainer to hold your date on Fabulously Designed’s calendar (credited towards your balance). We can then solidify details and make decor choices when it is convenient for your schedule.

Is the initial proposal final?

No, it is not final. We will do our very best to work with your budget. Often a bouquet or centerpiece can be scaled up or down, with a corresponding increase or decrease in price. Other changes can be made as the wedding date draws near. Changes in the numbers of corsages or centerpieces, for example, are often made up to the wedding week.

What other services do you provide?

We provide our own custom linen and have access to lots of specialty and couture linen that is downright FAB. We can also handle most all aspects of your event design from place cards, table numbers, lighting design, space planning and creative direction for your event. We sometimes provide table top décor extras like chargers, salt and pepper shakers, specialty glassware and flatware.

Why should I choose Fabulously Designed for my wedding?

We want to make your wedding day everything you dreamed of, and more. Our focus is on premium product, unsurpassed service, and creating a custom look that will communicate your fabulous style, as well as, be appropriate in scale and theme to your venue.