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Hey there! I am Tami, the owner of Fabulously Designed and I love flowers and event design. Well… to say that I love my job would be a HUGE understatement.  I love all things pretty. I am in heaven when I am surrounded by flowers, textures and fabrics. I live to create atmospheres and to transform spaces.  I get all giddy inside when my clients are intrigued by the details of their flowers and events.

When I was growing up in the Midwest, our yard always had dandelions. While everyone else saw a weed, I saw a flower. I seemed to be the only one who saw the beauty and solace in picking them and arranging them into a bouquet. And I would especially get in trouble when I blew the seeds into the yard! I loved the bright yellow tiny petals that turned into puffs of seeds that were so incredibly symmetrical and blew ever so gently on the breeze. I am Tami and I love and appreciate flowers of all kinds. Truly I do.

I’m a mom, animal lover, salted caramel macaron addict, Gold Peak iced tea drinker and a total geek about pretty flowers and floral design.

I was exposed to plant life at an early age as both my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather cultivated their own produce and planted an abundance of annuals and perennials around their homes every Spring season. A green thumb and admiration for beautiful flora is in my DNA.

My family is the reason I am so crafty and creatively inclined and they are also the reason I love weddings.


(Here I am at my 1st wedding at age 4. Grandma sewed matching dresses for she & I. Check out the huge flower corsage I wore. FABULOUS!)

My family members all had a craft or hobby that they were involved in and excelled at. UNCLE JIM: a great carpenter and builder in his free time. AUNT NANCY: painted.  AUNT JACKIE AND MOM: took up macrame and needlepoint. GRANDMA: sewed wedding attire, threw amazing parties complete with meal planning, table settings, games and music.Grandma also crafted quite a bit for the holidays and canned jams and pickles every year. GRANDPA: the king of home improvement DIY projects and he was really good at it.

There was nothing my family didn’t do or attempt to do to express themselves creatively. So it goes without saying that both my sister and I picked up the creative and artistic talents and expanded them astronomically.

I grew up in a a small town just south of Milwaukee called Racine and eventually went to high school and college in Florida. It was there that I took my first job in the floral department at The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort (now closed) on Longboat Key, FL at the age of 18.  Not a bad place to work yourself through college. The Colony was THE PREMIERE tennis resort in the nation at the time. I had a blast working there. I became addicted to flowers and it was there that I learned the ins and outs of high end, luxury floral design relative to the times.

The Colony2

(I applied for a job in housekeeping to make money on the side while I was in college, and they hired me directly into the floral shop! It was destined, I tell ya!)

It has been 26 years. My craft continues to blossom. I’m blessed and thankful for my wonderful clients and the inspiration they bring me.

I have a phenomenal staff. We leave no stone unturned. It is our job to be sure we tantalize the 5 senses of your guests; from sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. We will work in concert with you to be sure that each and every element of your event speaks to your vision and I will make sure it is done flawlessly.

This is your event and it should be fabulous. Fabulously Designed is not only the name of my company, it is a standard that we hold ourselves to. It defines how your event looks, how you and your guests will feel and how gorgeous your event will be. And as the years go by, you will look back at your event and say, “We were FABULOUSLY DESIGNED!”

(professional photos of Tami provided by Alan Abrams Photography)